Deborah Parkins

Program Technician 1 (International delegations and agreements support)
[email protected]

Office: 541-737-1503

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Debbie Parkins has worked for International Affairs (IA) since May of 2014. Debbie’s role in IA as a Agreement and Delegation Coordinator is to provide administrative support for inbound and outbound delegations and international agreements. Debbie is an OSU Search Advocate and continues her education in Social Justice work. Prior to working for OSU, Debbie’s worked as a customer service professional and attending to office duties as needed. Debbie worked for 20+ years as a travel consultant on leisure travel, as well as corporate and state accounts including OSU. Debbie’s free time is spent traveling, and has enjoyed several Caribbean destinations, several locations in Mexico and almost all of the Hawaiian islands. Debbie also loves the outdoors and likes to spend weekends camping and hiking as much as possible.


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