As a global organization, Oregon State University attracts faculty and students from around the world. From oceanography to engineering, anthropology to fine arts, OSU's impact is felt far and wide.

Global Affairs collaborates with Oregon State University faculty, academic administration, and leaders at INTO OSU to further internationalization and global engagement (IGE) of the university. IGE emphasizes the importance of global research, outreach, partnerships, and impact. Institutional motivations for IGE include improving the readiness of our graduates – both domestic and international – to work in an increasingly globalized world; enabling discovery and innovation for global impact; raising institutional ranking and reputation; enhancing creativity; and advancing diversity, equity, inclusivity, and justice.

Global Affairs provides leadership for university-wide strategy and coordination of global activities. We offer services to facilitate international agreements; catalog and communicate OSU’s global activities; serve as a liaison for international events, delegations, and visitors; and connect OSU with relevant business, non-profit, government agency, and international education communities.

Internationalization and Global Engagement is a campus-wide endeavor. We work closely with administrative offices supporting OSU's internationalization including:

  • Office of International Services (OIS) furthers the internationalization of the university and the community by providing international student advising and services, including immigration services to approximately 4,000 international students and their families from over 95 countries. Additionally, OIS is the central campus resource for hosting international visitors and/or hiring international employees, advising international scholars & faculty on visa and immigration issues, and providing resources to faculty and staff preparing to travel on behalf of OSU.
  • Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO) works with students to realize their goals for international study.
  • INTO OSU is a 50/50 partnership entity based in the ILLC that provides academic preparation, English language training and student services for international students at OSU as well as housing OSU’s international admissions office and the OSU international marketing and recruitment team.

OSU’s research also spans the world. Through our work with the University International Strategies Council, and in conversations with faculty and administrative staff, we are developing communications channels to make it easier for researchers to find others on campus with whom to collaborate internationally.

If you do not know where on campus to turn to help, please contact us. Our staff are here to connect you with the appropriate university resources.


Richard Settersten
Senior International Officer