Randy Bell, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs in the College of Education, is currently serving as a Fulbright Scholar at Vietnam National University. "Living abroad can be difficult, and even a little scary at times, but just like crossing a busy street in Hà Nội, faith, courage, and little help from your friends can get you where you want to be."

Michael Rataj making a basketball shot

Michael Rataj (pronounced ruh-tie), an OSU first-year international student spent time playing on four different youth national teams and a professional team in his native Germany before arriving in Corvallis to join the men's basketball team. He traveled with the team to Italy over the summer which gave him a chance to get to know his teammates better. He chose OSU because of his interest in biohealth sciences.

Beekeeprs examining a frame from a beehive

The Oregon State University Extension Service’s Master Beekeeper Program added a Spanish track in 2020, the first program of its kind in the United States. With a mission to provide an in-depth, beginner-level educational experience to beekeepers all around our region, providing the course in has “filled a gap in our reach that was badly needed,” said Jen Larson, who coordinates the program.

Photo of Dave Stone

The College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University has named Dr. David Stone as its first-ever Associate Dean of International Programs. This new position is primarily focused on international research, teaching, and outreach through the College of Agricultural Sciences, and also includes a 25% appointment with OSU Extension Service.

Children on roof and people floating in flooded street

An international coalition of researchers says in a report published today that the Earth’s vital signs have worsened to the point that “humanity is unequivocally facing a climate emergency.” The report notes that 16 of 35 planetary vital signs the authors use to track climate change are at record extremes.


Oregon State University has received $4 million to lead a national program that will engage educators, artists and writers in polar science activities and increase the impact and visibility of the scientific work underway in the Arctic and Antarctic. Polar STEAM, funded by the National Science Foundation via a five-year cooperative agreement, is a partnership of OSU’s STEM Research Center, the Arts and Education Complex, Pre-College Programs, CEOAS, and CLA.

IEW Logo

Each year in the third week of November, Oregon State University celebrates International Education Week. This year's events include a President's coffee for international students, the Provost's Reception for International Employees and Scholars, and much more. Check out the full calendar of events on the website and the marketing toolkit if you'd like to promote your own events as part of IEW. For questions, please contact the Global Affairs Associate.

Beginning fall term 2022, enrolled members of all 574 federally recognized Tribal nations across America will pay in-state tuition at Oregon State University. Students who are enrolled members of the Nine Tribes of Oregon may also be eligible for the state of Oregon’s new Oregon Tribal Student Grant Program

OSU student talking to Ukrainian people with disabilities

Anastasia Korovskaya is a 25 year-old Ecampus student who will graduate in spring 2022 with a bachelor's in public policy. Since moving to Portland from Ukraine when she was 5 years old, she has been highly active in a variety of professional, volunteer, political, and educational activities from Oregon to DC and in her native Ukraine. 

Hear from CLA faculty Ray Malewitz (SWLF), on a Fulbright serving as Distinguished Chair of American Studies at the University of Warsaw in Poland and his wife Emily (SLCS), who arrived in Poland in January 2022 and have watched the city transform as refugees from Ukraine are flooding in. The country of Poland, colleagues at the university, and Ray and Emily are all finding ways to help the refugees. 

Image of ASOSU logo in front of picture of SEC

In response to requests from students, ASOSU will pilot an International Student Center (ISC) for 2022-23. The ISC will serve as a lounge space where students can find support and community, as well as create a bridge between domestic and international students. ASOSU will gather data on student use and conduct a needs assessment to help shape long-term planning.

Hannah Zurjanova crouches on the tailgate of her minivan full of supplies for Ukrainian soldiers

OSU alumni, Hannah Bittner Zurjanova, B.S. ’14, completed an IE3 Global Internship while a student in 2013, teaching English at an orphanage near Corvallis’ sister city Uzhhorod, Ukraine. Since Russia’s invasion, Hannah and her husband Misha Zyryanov have been fundraising and shuttling military and humanitarian supplies acquired in European cities across the border into Ukraine.

Satellite image of war damage to city in Ukraine

Professor of geography and geospatial science, Jamon Van Den Hoek, published an article in Fast Company magazine explaining how very-high resolution (VHR) satellite images can help communicate to the public the brutality of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but they often lack context to narrate  more nuanced humanitarian and environmental impacts. 

Melissa Santala works with student, points at computer screen

Associate professor of engineering, Melissa Santala, will conduct research on materials used as catalysts at the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa during a four-month Fulbright Distinguished Scholar Fellowship award in materials science for the 2022-23 academic year. 

A drawing of a person wearing blue and yellow with a Ukrainian Flag banner

OSU's Russian Speaking Student Association unites students from a variety of countries and have come together to show solidarity for Ukraine. They produced a flyer to help the community understand the situation better, including suggestions for how to show support, as well as advice on how to respond sensitively and maintain civility.  

Images of book spines and cover

OSU-Cascades Assistant Professor of American Studies and Director of the MFA in Creative Writing, Jennifer Reimer Recio, co-edited a new publication entitled “Forms of Migration: Global Perspectives on Im/migrant Art and Literature.” The book is a rich collection of essays, poetry, creative nonfiction, interviews, and visual material.

image of sun setting behind the ocean with golden sky

“To me, it’s long-overdue and yet very urgent for Oregon State University to demonstrate its responsibility to the nine federally recognized tribes of Oregon and to the Indigenous people who call the Pacific Northwest home,” said Susan Bernardin, Director of the School of Language, Culture and Society. The hires pave the way for the creation of an Indigenous Studies minor.

graphic of people using a shredding machine with pink background

Harvard Business review published an article by OSU faculty Rajat Panwar on why it is important to make the effort to pronounce someone's name correctly. "Names are our identities. Often, they are deeply rooted in our social and cultural beliefs." 

image of sun setting behind the ocean with golden sky

CEOAS researcher David Wrathall is lead author on a report for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which explores climate change-driven human migration. The report addresses impacts on economies, societies, food systems and ecosystems that humans depend on with an emphasis on actionable, feasible solutions.

Image of Fulbright logo for 75th anniversary

Twenty-one current or former OSU students submitted Fulbright applications with assistance from OSU’s National and Global Scholarships Advising office, meaning 71% of those who submitted applications were named semi-finalists. That represents the highest percentage success rate since the office was created in 2015.

Partial image of infographic showing whale migration paths

A comprehensive new map and report tracking whale migrations around the globe highlights where they go in the high seas and the cumulative impacts the animals face from industrial fishing, ship strikes, pollution, habitat loss and climate change.

Photo of Sylvester Omondi on OSU campus

Sylvester Omondi came to Oregon State University from Kenya to gain the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to impact the lives of people in his home country for the better. Omondi says some of the best things about being at Oregon State have been the connections and friendships he has made, the welcoming faculty and surrounding community, and experiences in student groups. 

The study, led by recent graduate Zachary Randell when he was an Oregon State doctoral student, shows that kelp forests in areas with ocean floor ruggedness – scientifically termed substrate complexity or surface rugosity – tend toward stability. The findings are important because kelp forests are under siege from environmental change and overgrazing by urchins.