Oregon State University engages in education and research collaborations with institutions and colleagues around the world. The Office of Faculty Affairs provides support with establishing new agreements and helps track global activity across the university. 

Letter of Collaboration

A Letter of Collaboration (LOC) is a non-binding, general agreement initiating relations with a partner institution. An LOC expresses mutual interest in engaging in cooperative academic or research efforts. This is often the first step toward developing a more concrete program. Any language deviating from the template, including LOCs originating with the partner, must be reviewed by Contract Services.

Education Abroad Program

Education Abroad Programs can take the following forms:

  • Student Exchange Programs involve a two-way exchange of students, with a commitment of resources on the part of both OSU and the collaborating institution. A Student Exchange Agreement guides the administration of a student exchange program with an international partner university.
  • Study Abroad Programs send OSU students abroad for academic coursework. These programs may be offered by the international institution or through a third party provider.
  • Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs are international academic opportunities developed and implemented by OSU faculty.

Please contact the the Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO) for more information about initiating an Education Abroad program.

Other International Agreements

If you are interested in creating an international agreement that does not fit into the categories above, or still have questions, please email the Global Affairs Associate or call (541) 737-6209.

OSU's International Agreements

OSU International Agreements can be searched via Tableau. You must login using your ONID credentials with dual authentication while on the OSU network or VPN. If you cannot access the map, please email [email protected].