OSU welcomes distinguished visitors from around the world, and values the contribution these visitors make to the internationalization of the University. Faculty Affairs helps co-ordinate visits of delegations from international institutions, universities, government offices, and other organizations. These visits typically have a University-wide scope, and are consistent with OSU’s international mission, values, and goals as described in the Strategic Plan. These engagements are designed to maximize the exchange of information and ideas, and especially to identify possibilities for sustainable collaborations between the University and our guests.

Common Delegation Objectives

  • Establish new relationships or collaborations, or strengthen existing programs
  • Create new international learning opportunities for students
  • Enhance the educational or research capacity of a department or academic unit, or of the University as a whole
  • Exchange knowledge and ideas around topics of mutual interest
  • Celebrate a shared accomplishment, or formalize a new agreement

Assistance Offered

In conjunction with the host, our office can develop and coordinate the program for the visit: schedule meetings with OSU faculty and staff, arrange campus tours, schedule rooms and other facilities, arrange catering. We can issue a letter of invitation when necessary, and can provide culturally sensitive advice regarding gift protocol.

We regret that we are unable to fund visitor’s meals, hotel, or transportation. Please note that, in some cases, the visitor may be responsible for costs such as catering, facility, photography, etc.

Submitting a Request

Please complete and submit the Delegation/Visit Request at least four weeks before the planned visit. We will review the information, and contact you within 7 -10 days of receipt.

In the meantime, please email our office if you have questions, please contact the Global Affairs Associate, or call (541) 737-6209.

Exceptions and Limitations

Meetings and presentations are conducted in English. While are unable to provide interpreters, we welcome those accompanying our guests.

Faculty Affairs must have confirmation of the visitor’s confirmed dates on campus before setting appointments, making commitments regarding catering, reserving rooms, and so on. To aid in this, we may request updates on the status of visitors' required travel documents.

It may be necessary to decline a visit if Faculty Affairs determines that the purpose of the visit is not aligned with the University’s strategic objectives; appropriate OSU faculty/staff are unavailable to participate during the proposed dates, or do not display sufficient interest to warrant a visit; the proposed date of the visit is a national or University holiday.