OSU's motivations for global engagement include improving the readiness of graduates to work in an increasingly globalized world, enabling discovery and innovation for global impact, raising institutional ranking and reputation, enhancing creativity, and advancing diversity, equity, inclusivity, and justice.

The Internationalization and Global Engagement strategy provides a coordinated approach to global activity, a set of actions aimed at overcoming barriers, and a mechanism for guiding priorities and decisions about future strategic investments. 

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Four Goals

Improve our underlying support structure for global activities at OSU

Prepare graduates to work effectively in a diverse society and as global citizens

Demonstrate OSU's global impact and reach

Grow and support diversity of OSU and culture of inclusion for all students, staff, and faculty

Eight Actions

  1. Develop a staged OSU global communications plan, including development of a database and map of OSU global activities
  2. Build connections between OSU faculty, staff, and students engaged in global activities
  3. Diversify our international student population through innovative offerings and strategies
  4. Celebrate OSU international and global engagement successes, including faculty successes
  5. Reduce barriers and increase access to a broader set of global learning options
  6. Enable faculty success through targeted support for developing and conducting global activities
  7. Explore development of 2-3 strategic global partnerships or participation in consortia
  8. Explore development of a staged international alumni engagement strategy

Internationalization Briefings

An Internationalization Briefing is presented to the OSU Board of Trustees annually. The most recent briefing was presented in January 2023 and includes an update on global learning, faculty support and research activity, inbound and outbound student and faculty mobility, global community, institutional leadership, and a range of global engagement opportunities of the present moment.

2021-22 Briefing

2020-21 Briefing The January 2022 board meeting also featured an evening program highlighting the global engagement of OSU faculty and students. See the program.

2019-20 Briefing

2018-19 Briefing

More Information

  Collect and review historical documents from previous strategic planning efforts

  Conduct a series of focus groups with targeted personnel in the Colleges, administrative support units, students, and leadership, and two campus-wide forums

  Synthesize input from focus groups and forums into draft goals and actions

  Review and revise with input from Provost’s Senior Leadership Team, Provost’s Council of Deans, UISC, and Faculty Senate Executive Committee

  Internationalization and Global Engagement Strategy formally issued and adopted Fall 2020